Useful information for Presenters in Main Sessions

Presenters during the main sessions are provided 20 minutes for their presentation plus 10 minutes for questions. (Invited presentations are 35 +10 min.)

1. Before your session, double check:

☐  You have your presentation/slide file open and ready to share. We recommend closing other windows that you don’t need, which will make your presentation file easier to find when it’s your time to share.

☐ You have your Zoom panelist invitation email at hand, and use that link to join the session at which you are presenting.

    * Please do not share this link with anyone else, it is unique to you.

2. Please join the conference webinar 15-30 minutes before your presentation session, if you are not already planning to attend the session prior to yours.

3. During your talk:

The session chair will announce your talk, and will ask you to share your screen. You can share either your entire Desktop, or just the application window for your slides. If you are sharing any audio clips or video with sound, make sure to click the check box ‘Share computer sound’ at the bottom left on the pop up window where you select what to share.

We ask that you use full screen presentation in your presentation software. This works with both Desktop and application window sharing, testing PowerPoint, Keynote, and Preview on Mac.

After you go into presentation mode, you will still see the Zoom control bar – you can move it to where it is not in your way. Make sure to keep the chat window open during your presentation, as the session chair will give you a 5-minute, a 2-minute, and a 0-minute remaining time alert through a private chat message. If you run over your allotted time, the session chair will unmute and stop you aloud 5 minutes into the Q&A period. If you prefer to receive time alerts out loud, please indicate this to your session chair during the 15 minutes prior to your session.

You can move and minimize the Chat window as needed to minimize the impact on your own view of your slides.

4. Q&A period:

The session chair will handle all Q&A logistics – you just have to listen to the questions as they get asked and answer them.

5. On asking questions while participating as a panelist:

You cannot submit questions in the Q&A while participating as a panelist (whether it’s during your session or another session – the email address at which you received the panelist invitation to will have the “panelist” role throughout the entire conference).

You’re welcome to ask questions at any time, and you can do so through private chat with the session chair or to the panelist chat during the Q&A(not seen by attendees). Please don’t submit questions to the general panelist chat during the talk, as this will be distracting for the presenters.


7. A note about your panelist role:

For sessions at which you’re not presenting or chairing, you’re welcome to use your panelist login link, which will allow you to be on the screen (and will add a bit of community feel to the webinar). If you’d rather not share your video through the panelist role for other sessions, you can join as a regular attendee by using a different email address from the one to which we sent your panelist link, and clicking on the attendee link for that session that’s posted on the program.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Program Manager Jessica Marcus: